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Team Member: Kenda Brunette    Team Member: Jesse Brunette    Team Member: Shelly Kober
The Rockerchix Team: Kenda Brunette - Jesse Brunette - Shelly Kober
Kenda Brunette - Owner / Booking Agent / Show Manager
Jesse Brunette - Stage Manager / Photographer
Shelly Kober - Assistant / Merchandise Manager
Kristin Short - Merchandise Assistant / Runner
Jane Berg & Julie Wichelt - Hospitality / Runners
Jules Harold - Co Founder / Part-time Onsite Coordinator
Additional Part-time Assistants: Jennifer Busch - Ken Heer - Sharon Locklin
Concert Crew With Frankie Banali ( QUIET RIOT )
The Rockerchix Concert Crew With Frankie Banali ( QUIET RIOT )
Front Row: Jennifer Busch - Shelly Kober - Kristin Short
Back Row: Julie Wichelt - Jane Berg - Frankie Banali - Kenda Brunette - Sharon Locklin - Lori Krueger - Lindi Scholtz
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